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Here's Why Big K.R.I.T Might Have The Stand Out Album of the Year

The Missippi artist dropped "4eva is a mighty long time', perhaps one of the best albums of 2017.

7th Dec 2017

2017 has been an incredible year for music.

One late yet rather surprising contender for album of the year was Big Krit’s ‘4eva Was a Mighty Long Time.’

Clearly, forever was a mighty long time for Big K.R.I.T and his fans who were desperate for new music before this album release. The rapper went M.I.A for months, honing his craft in the studio and returning to the rap scene, causing him to break his three-year silence by releasing his latest album in October 2017 titled 4eva Is a Mighty Long Time. The albumfeatures well renowned artists such as T.I., Lloyd, CeeLo Green and many more.

The passionate Southern MC’s third album is in fact, a two-part album. Each part signifies the artist’s two different personas: his on-stage persona which is revealed in the first part of his albumand ‘Justin Scott’; which unveils the artists more personal and closeted life in the second half of the album. Who doesn’t love a 2 for 1 deal?

The first part of his album opens with the poetic song “Big K.R.I.T”. This introduction contains religious and spiritual elements as well as soulful sounds, namely, because of the choir-like sample used in the instrumental. After a minute and a half, the song gradually and smoothly transitions into a hard-hitting drum pattern which involuntarily made me move my shoulders back and forth. Following the transition, the song gives off an aggressive, southern and courageous vibe. Overall, the drop of the song was remarkable, and his flow was impeccable thereafter.

In K.R.I.T’s song “Confetti”, he utilizes basketball terminology when talking about his reign as a respected King of Hip-Hop as well as his resentment towards other rap artists. As soon as Big K.R.I.T began to rap as the instrumental came through, it was instantly reminiscent of the Kanye West’s song “Gorgeous”. Nevertheless, the flow on the song is amazing and the message he was trying to convey —being a confident hip-hop artist and lyricist — really seeped through.

Clearly, forever was a mighty long time for Big K.R.I.T and his fans who were desperate for new music before this album release

The mood is elevated on “Big Bank”and “Aux Cord”. The former, features undisputed King of The South, TI. The southern duo provided us with a double time flow and meant a lot to the fans who loved T.I’s verse. The collaboration clearly meant a lot to the artists as one tweet in particular read; “T.I. was rapping like his life depended on it bruh lol.”

“Aux Cord,” on the other hand, provides us with a space-funk, uplifting sound as he pays tribute to some of the industry’s most sensational soul legends from Michael Jackson and Parliament to B.B. King.

The smooth-flowing instrumental in “Ride Wit Me” along with Big K.R.I.T.’s flow reminds us of a song that you could listen to whilst in the whip. However, the song did have some compatability issues since the chorus did not fit in as well with Big K.R.I.T.’s verses.

As we progress into the second part of his album, the songs become increasingly lugubrious and contemplative beginning with “Justin Scott” (his real name). The introspective nature is evident in “Price of Fame” which examines the disconnect between achieving success and obtaining true happiness. “Mixed Messages” gives off a chilled vibe with a catchy chorus. You will definitely know the words to this one by the end of the song. In this song he reflects on his music and what messages his songs portray.

His bars also highlight some of his inner conflicts. For example, he claims that he is in two minds about whether he should sing in his songs (his singing potential is evident at the beginning of x) or whether he should rap to appease his fans. “Keep The Devil Off” is a fantastically catchy Gospel song. The vocals are a fusion of singing and rapping. The background vocals were powerful and complemented the song very well. This song reminds listeners to steer clear of the negative energy

In my opinion, Big K.R.I.T is an extremely talented hip-hop artist with exciting potential. The instrumentals on every song are superb which is a testament to his appreciation for musicality – beat picking is an underrated art in Hip Hop.

His songs appear to mirror styles of artists such as J Cole, Meek Mill, Kanye West and T.I. While this shows that Big K.R.I.T brings a range of rapping styles, he does not seem to show a wildly different style of hip-hop music. Despite this, on this album he has come through with a variety of different flows in every song which are accompanied by catchy and hard-hitting instrumentals and he is extremely lyrically talented. What makes this Southern rap artist admirable are the powerful messages he conveys in his songs; these inspiring messages will stay with his fans 4eva.

Relive Big K.R.I.T's iconic album '4eva Was A Might Long Time' on Spotify below:




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