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A spotlight on Inglewood artist L.A.F. and his single 'T.G.I.F'

L.A.F. has a relevant message in his new music. Keakie got with him to ask some questions.

18th Oct 2016

L.A.F., born Lafayette Fletcher graduated high school out of Inglewood and went on to UNLV with a full ride football scholarship. He would go on to graduate with a degree in Sociology.

Below are a few questions that came to our mind while discovering L.A.F. and listening to his latest single, 'T.G.I.F.' He drops some heat in every answer and we hope you appreciate his responses as much as we did. The track, our thoughts, and ways to support L.A.F. are at the bottom of the page.

We know you walked away from UNLV with a degree in Sociology. How did college help you transition into what you do now?

"College was amazing. I honestly can’t imagine who I'd be or what I’d be doing if it wasn’t for my college experience at UNLV. I’ve met some of my best friends and had some of my best times as an adult. Soooooo much fun. So much fun, I was able to create a rap career off it. That’s one of the dopest things about what I feel I will achieve with this rap game. I’m able to tell a story that hasn’t been told on a mainstream level in Hip Hop yet. Like real life raps and stories about having a refrigerator full of liquor and no food. Real stories about maturing into an adult and the obstacles and hardships you have to get through. I’m the college drop out that didn’t drop out, The good kid who got out of the mad city. Although I’m not actually using my degree to answer your question every part of my college experience helped me transition to this rap. It made me wanna tell my story."

Looking at the track art for 'T.G.I.F.', there's a lot of interesting characters and objects. What can you tell us about the song art?

"Yeah, definitely holds a lot of meaning. My assistant actually found an incredible graphic designer @graphix.heroz via IG. I had a vision in my head already of what I wanted the cover art to represent and we basically just went back and forth until we got it right. If you take a look at the artwork it almost gives you this old time feel which the track 'T.G.I.F.' does also. And what the song 'T.G.I.F.' is expressing is really we are all stressed out and we all know what’s going on in our world and I just want people to take a deep breath and relax. So with the artwork you can see people just getting off work at a jukbox type joint just looking to have a goodtime. They're playing music, throwing their paperwork in the air and just really letting lose. But not too much fun because of the cop watching making sure we don’t have too much of a good time, haha."

'T.G.I.F.' is very much so a feel good song. What were the vibes and influences you were dealing with when you made this track?

"Man I was actually in a frustrated mood. I composed 'TGIF' when it was at the height of the tragedies that went on in Baltimore. So I actually went to work a bit upset, had a horrible day and a horrible attitude. I finished the day, came home with the same attitude and my lady could tell I was upset. So like a real Queen she made me dinner and poured me some whiskey. We began to talk and after a while she just said she’s so tired of talking about it every where she goes and does. This is all everyone is talking about and she says she just needs a break and she just wants to have a good time. And I'm not saying I had a moment right when she said that, but it did plant the seed in my mind. Like man I kinda feel the same way at times. Then Deknight who produced the track gave me a dropbox of about 17 beats and 'Goodtimes' was one of them and it just clicked immediately. It made me feel good when I heard it and that’s what the track represents just letting go and having a good time."

What's the next move you have planned that we should know about?

"Music Music Music… From Another Breed presents 'The Violent Piece', a collaborative 8 song EP ft. myself and boogieBryane produced by Stevie Keith. Then me and my longtime producer Deknight are going to drop another L.A.F. project called 'Quarter Life Crisis', and T.G.I.F. is actually the first single off the album. And who knows, I might give my hippies a couple sequels like 'LovelessLAF 2”' or 'The Competitor 2'. Just keep following LAFdope."

Our thoughts

First, his positive experience with college is not only refreshing but inspiring. The idea behind the cover art is fun and cheeky, and the inception of this track is also really interesting. It's amazing how the frustrations this world delivers can make us deliver art.

As for his single 'T.G.I.F.', the song immediately sets the tone with bright horns and a very uplifting beat. This hook is hard not to smile to. There's a lot of feel good lines throughout this track, but also bits of cold reality sprinkled in as well, one notable line, "police beating a black man until he's black and blue." He described going to work upset in the song like he does in this interview, but you certainly can't be upset after hearing the music for yourself. Thanks again to Lafayette, and be sure you get in touch with his 'Hippies over Stoners' movement.

Follow L.A.F. and be sure to listen to his new music!

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