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Get a sneak peak at the 'Hamilton' sound track

Nas, Lin-Manuel Miranda and co.'s track "Wrote My Way Out" is a moving piece

26th Nov 2016

Image Credit: Joan Marcus

Lin-Manuel's play 'Hamilton' is one of the most original works of art to come out of this decade, and has recently attracted attention for all the right reasons.

Portraying a powerful message about the joys of immigrants, the play directed its message to Vice President-Elect Mike Pence, drawing much ire from supporters.

Onto the track itself. "Wrote My Way Out" is a reference to Hamilton's famous letter that prompted the rebuilding of St Croix after a hurricane hit the town.

Interestingly, the song, like 'Immigrants', features verses from artists who have immigrant backgrounds, which only serves to strengthen Miranda's message about equality and tolerance - Dave East originates from the Dominican, Nas from West Africa, Aloe Blacc from Panama and Lin Manuel from Puerto Rico.

First Verse:

This is Nas exemplified; a smooth yet powerful delivery. He laments the racial-based neglect of African Americans during the Reagan era.


Aloe Blacc delivers an intentionally understated hook - fitting in well, and highlighting the messages of the verses that precede and follow.

Second Verse:

Dave East delivers a similarly powerful verse, but a more introspective one; a real 'rags to riches' kind of message.

Third Verse:

Now, the first time I saw Lin Manuel spit was on an episode of 'Jake and Amir'; the second a cameo in 'How I Met Your Mother' - who would've thought he'd be matching Nas on a track? Again, this is a more introspective verse, referring to childhood bullies and a real sense of Miranda progressing by being different.


The outro is simply taken from a Nas interview; one that exemplifies the tone of the song and the philosophy of the artists - to represent the voiceless.

Check it out here:

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