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AJ Tracey goes insane over intense visuals on 'Buster Cannon'

Get trippy in Tokyo with us as AJ Tracey gears up for a December EP drop.

7th Nov 2016

Image Credit: GRM Daily / Rinse FM

AJ Tracey brings the crew to Tokyo to shoot visuals for ‘Buster Cannon’, the first single for his upcoming ‘Lil Tracey’ EP.

Hailing from Ladbroke Grove, London, grime artist AJ Tracey recorded three projects in 2015 and left one of them, ‘Trap’, unreleased. In 2016, AJ continued to build his acclaim and was named by The Guardian as one of the best new acts in the UK.

Now preparing to drop an EP named ‘Lil Tracey’ on the 2nd of December, it’s off to Tokyo with creativity in mind as AJ looks to make a music video for the first single, ‘Buster Cannon’ off the upcoming EP.

’Buster Cannon’ embraces Neo Tokyo

As the video begins, you can’t help to be immediately entranced as you fly through an animated train station. By the time the video turns to reality and the song begins, the Neo Tokyo influence is well established. As AJ coasts through the neon lights in Bape, Gucci, and various designer apparel, The darkness of night-time Tokyo serves as a moody contrast to the bright shades of red, blue, and purple frequently seen in the video.

This video continues to be quite trippy at times. As a viewer you will likely be tranced by the effects of a glitched, wavy, glowing, and distorted reality, or even by just the bright lights of Tokyo. As the visual insanity continues throughout the song, AJ Tracey himself is bombarding the listener with some serious bars and an especially hard hook.

”Buster cannon, blow up the room”, was not the first time Dragon Ball Z had an influence on AJ Tracey’s music, as he spits his hook over a dark, yet faster beat. Continuing through his verses with lines like “Girls want cuff, I just want gwop” and “if you diss my marge, it’s a murder”, AJ speaks his mind in a setting and at a pace that play out extremely appropriately.

The future looks bright for AJ Tracey

AJ Tracey has already had a few notable collaborations and successful songs, Thiago Silva with fellow London artist Dave being one of them. Just like Dave, OVO has taken an interest in AJ Tracey, giving a shout out at Drake’s birthday set. Hopefully these artists can gain the platform they deserve, and it will be especially exciting to see how AJ Tracey’s career progresses.

Be dazed by AJ Tracey’s music video for ‘Buster Cannon’, and if you would like to follow AJ and his road to ‘Lil Tracey’ with us, keep it Keakie.

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