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AJ Tracey’s ‘Lil Tracey’ EP is just what grime needed

AJ Tracey is closing out 2016 with a bang and is helping make grime popular in America.

17th Dec 2016

Credit: Apple Music

Following the release of ‘Buster Cannon’ and ‘Pasta’ music videos, AJ Tracey continues to rise with the release of ‘Lil Tracey’

AJ Tracey’s rise in the hip-hop game is really starting to take off. He’s worked with A$AP Rocky, and now Denzel Curry in a recent remix. He has also worked with the UK’s greatest, and has earned a shout out from Drake himself. AJ Tracey’s third EP, ‘Lil Tracey’ dropped in December, as he looked to close out the year with some banger tracks. At six songs long, AJ Tracey delivers almost the best possible package, with hypnotic bangers to squad and come up stories. ‘Lil Tracey’ embraces the sounds of hip-hop in the states, while utilizing London influences to help make grime a quickly rising genre in the scene.

Album rating: 7.2

’Buster Cannon’ and ‘Pasta’ were the rightful singles for this EP. Both with dark, modern beats and extremely catchy hooks, these were a couple of AJ’s most memorable songs. As both got the music video treatment, it will be exciting to see if AJ capitalises on his buzz with another video following the release of this EP. In the meantime, be sure to read our interview with AJ’s videographer, J Mornix!

Like the hook on ‘Buster Cannon’, AJ is no stranger to referencing video game/superhero culture in his music. Like the song ‘Luke Cage’, which may surprise you when Tracey sticks to very real and personal bars, “But my mumsy knew her son was that star / Ex girls thought I was a mess”, for example. ‘Hating on Gang’ is another song where AJ gives a very real story, and Remy Banks features to help make this one of our favorite songs on the whole project.

’Lil Tracey’ consistently has good features, so it’s clear AJ had the vision to surround himself with a certain prestige and style of sound. On ‘Capri Sun’, Chip supplies a great feature over a futuristic banger beat. The opening track featuring Bonkaz is as rebellious as ever, and sets a high bar that every song seems to exceed. ‘Lil Tracey’ is solid, but as an EP it’s only six songs long and lacks the feeling of a full project because of that. Concept wise, it feels very semi-focused, but overall serves as a great project to move AJ Tracey’s career forward.

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