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Album Review: SiR - November

TDE R&B gem, SiR, drops his first full length album under the label, here's our review

8th Feb 2018

TDE’s not-so-secret weapon, SiR, drops his much-anticipated album – November. He’s our review of the project.

Despite a just over 30 minute running time, November gives the listener a seat in a spaceship alongside the Inglewood, California native singer-songwriter, SiR whilst he travels trillions of miles through the unknown.

With just his Siri-esque, robotic female companion ‘K’ to speak to, who acts a narrative enhancer for the album, comforting SiR as well as taking care of the technicalities of the ship on their voyage. SiR begins an introspective, intergalactic joyride that acts as almost a self-therapy session.

The songs and their lyrics are very personal, toiling with his newfound lifestyle and its effects of his relationships. On That’s Alright he claims how he would even leave his partner for a Grammy. 

The instrumentals on this album are equally as soulful as they are intoxicated and, obviously, spacey/atmospheric. Blending neo-soul styles with more modern sounds such as the trap influenced drums and snares on D’Evils and I Know.

Something Foreign has a piano melody that sounds as if it is being played in the lobby of a luxury hotel by a man in a freshly pressed tux. As SiR, assisted by an excellent verse for label mate Schoolboy Q, speaks on trying to keep his head screwed on straight, remaining ‘humble in a world full of egos, gangsters and evils.’

With a genuine concept and cohesive narrative, November is filled the brim with emotive vocal performances (from SiR and featured artist Etta Bond) and instrumentation that accompanies the space theme of the album so well, it will have night-time car journeys playing this album feeling like a trip on Apollo 11.

Truth be told, there aren’t really many low points on this project. Perhaps the auto-tune infused track I Know, sounds rather out of place. It’s more like a Travis Scott b-side than it is a song from someone with such a luscious voice, who certainly doesn’t need any auto-tune.

Other than that it really is an excellent body of work. Which, to be fair, is rather expected from someone on the TDE roster. It’s an R&B album that comfortably competes with all of the outstanding R&B albums that were released in 2017 (Sonder Son, Freudian and Ctrl). Last year was an amazing year for the genre and as November sets the standards for 2018, we are on course for another one…hopefully.

Stand out tracks: That's Alright, D'Evils, Dreaming Of Me


4 out of 5

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