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Apple drafts in Marian Hill for their creative new advert

The Airpod advert features a stunningly choreographed series of magical dance sequences

16th Jan 2017

Image Credit: Apple

Apple's Wireless Airpods have been quite a controversial product update. The world's biggest company has sought to change opinions with this creatively inspired commercial.

The most questioned aspect of the Airpod's introduction has been their impact on the iPhone 7. The phone arrived back in September without the traditional 3.5 mm headphone jack. The move was met with resistance by a lot of people who thought that Apple were unnecessarily forcing people to purchase their latest product. In Apple's opinion, the earphone experience is significantly enhanced by the iPhone 7's Airpods, and they have taken their shot at convincing us too. The soundtrack of the video is Marian Hill's 'Down', and the campaign features Lil Buck walking dancing surreally through a city. The video showcases the automated 'pairing' of the Airpods with Apple devices, as well as its ability to recognise voice commands via Siri.

Are you convinced?

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