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Ariana Grande and Future Release Raunchy Video For 'Everyday'

The duo share the video from Grande's 'Dangerous Woman' album.

27th Feb 2017

Image Credit: Billboard

Pretty much everyone gets close in the official video for Ariana Grande and Future's track "Everyday", except for the artists themselves. As Grande sings the song all across the city in her giant puffy coat, couples just can't keep their hands off each other, making out everywhere - from the top of car bonnets, to laundrymats.

When Future shows up in an office space he's witness to some steamy action on the copy machine, while Ariana watches as an elderly couple get close on a bus. The clip seeks to celebrate love in all of its forms: young, old, black, white, gay, straight, and forms a major part of Grande's latest single from her 2016 Dangerous Woman album.

The visual dropped on Sunday and already has more than 1.8 million views. Looks like a smash.

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