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24th Oct 17

Virgil Abloh Set To Give a Lecture At Harvard

The Off White designer has been invited to give a lecture at the prestigious university.

12th Oct 17

Loving Vincent: The World’s First Fully Painted - Animated Film

The tale of the revolutionary Vincent Van Gogh.

25th Aug 17

Solange Knowles debuts “Seventy States” Exhibition at London’s Tate Modern

Time to bring this incredible album to life.

22nd Aug 17

Black British Stars Celebrated At National Portrait Gallery

Naomi Campbell, Dizzee Rascal & Sir Lenny Henry will be amongst those honoured.

4th Mar 17

Banksy opens hotel overlooking Bethlehem Wall

The British artist launches Walled Off hotel with the hope of attracting Israeli tourists.

3rd Feb 17

Meet Kadeem Fletcher, The Digital Curator Out To Infuse Art Into Music

Kadeem Fletcher sat down with us to discuss the state of art in music, and it’s future in the culture.

7th Nov 16

Yoko Kanno: The Uniqueness of Creation

The Japanese composer's unique approach makes her one of the most desired composers in the world