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Avelino Debuts Scintillating Album, entitled "No Bullshit"

The North London MC lets us into his psyche with this album.

8th Nov 2017

Photography by Courtney Francis

This week, Tottenham MC Avelino dropped his latest project, a scintillating release entitled No Bullshit, a fierce, addictive onslaught of varying and powerful tracks keeping in line with his established commitment to individualism and expression beyond the mainstream. It’s no surprise his last release was titled F.Y.O., or ‘Fuck Your Opinion’, as it’s clear Avelino is pursuing his own style, to great reward.

 In No Bullshit’s opening track, ‘Gr8ness Intro’, Avelino begins with a spoken word expression of what he intends the album to be, as an expression of self and an insight into the psyche of a usually reticent, self-described “behind the scenes” artist. Following this overture, Avelino begins a searing, uninterrupted sequence of bars reacting to the state of music today and his position within it. The opener is immediately ear-catching, and sets a strong precedent, which the rest of the work mostly manages to match.

 Tonally, the tracks on No Bullshit are varied, and in that variation achieves different levels of success. At times it’s clear Avelino is mimicking popular trends of rapping over sparse, tropical house inspired beats as a party starter, such as in the relatively insipid ‘1 In A Million’. But in others, such as the smoothly melodic ‘Origami’, or the unflinchingly hard “It’s A Moovie”, it’s clear he is striving for something more impactful, honest, and meaningful.

 In releasing the work as a playlist instead of an album, Avelino has seized the benefits of the internet age, claiming that his project will be a fluid, evolving work, which may change over time. No doubt this will allow the work to continue to be relevant and striking if he desires it, but it will also allow him to smooth out some of it’s rougher edges and continue the path to his ascent.

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