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Beyonce Returns To Houston for Hurricane Relief Effort

The Houston native showed why she’s the Queen inside and outside of the music.

12th Sep 2017

Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

Hurricane season has devastated lives across the Caribbean and the Southern states of America.

People in the islands of Antigua and Barbuda, the British Virgin Islands, the British territory of Anguilla, the US Virgin Islands, and the island of St. Martin have lost everything with reportedly 38 people being killed by the natural disaster. This was the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma which mostly affected the Caribbean and has just reached the coast of Florida.

Last month Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston, Texas causing serial flooding. Akin to Hurricane Katrina which ravished New Orleans over ten years ago, Houston affected many poor black families who lost absolutely everything.

In an attempt to stimulate the relief effort, comedian Kevin Hart started a challenge encouraging his celebrity friends to donate $25,000 to the Red Cross. One of his nominated friends was Houston superstar Beyonce who expressed her condolences at a charity event she held to help the victims of this tragic event at her local church.

She spoke humbly telling the victims that she loved them and that they were her family. She was joined by her mother Tina, her daughter Blu Ivy and her Destiny’s Child bandmate Michelle Williams at a convention centre, giving out food to some 400 people who were left homeless after the hurricane.

It’s catastrophic events like Harvey which make us appreciate the value of human life. To see a glamorous pop icon like Beyonce humble herself and serve the people of her community is truly inspiring. The locals seemed to appreciate her efforts and her concern seemed genuine, the singer has reportedly been donating millions in secret to the Houston community for years.

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