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Big Narstie set to release his own video game ‘Base Invaders’

It's been a successful 12 months for the UK MC, and this game may make it even better

12th Oct 2016

Credit: BBC

The British MC has been in the game for the last 13 years, but the 2016 has certainly been his finest.

This week he made an audacious strategic move away from Grime and music and revealed that he is set to launch his own mobile game. The game will be released on the UK App Store.

The 30 year old rapper took his time to carefully create the game and explore an entrepreneurial side much like his counterparts in the US are accustomed to. His rise to stardom in the UK scene really began with a strong verse on a resurgent Craig David’s “when the baseline drops” in late 2015. Since then he has successfully ridden a media wave that has seen him drop further hits such as BDL Anthem. Not to mention his commentary on Azalea Bank’s opinions on UK hip hop went absolutely viral. Perhaps the artist will manage to create three viral hits in one year with the game.

What is the game?

It’s called ‘Base Invaders’, taking inspiration from the famous ‘Space Invaders’. The player of the game is known as Uncle Pain, and as Pain, you embark on a journey throughout which you may encounter many difficult obstacles trying to prevent you from reaching the end of the game. Narstie has been tight lipped about some of the game’s more surprising features however, revealing only that there is a police character in the game, and your primary weapon of defence is a cigarette. The retro-inspired application sees Uncle Pain attempting to avoid capture by the police while getting through obstacles and jumping to moving platforms.

The app comes at a time when fans are expecting the MCs next album. Reports are scarce but the common thread is that the album is said to have collaborations with the likes of Ed Sheeran, Robbie Williams and Section Boyz.

To celebrate the launch, the N-Dubz collaborator is set to throw an incredible party on the day of its release. If you email “BASE INVADERS” to then you will be entered into a prize draw to win tickets.

There is not long to wait for the game now, as it is set to be published on the App Store on October 14th.

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