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Big Sean sets his targets on the way to 'No More Interviews'

We look into Big Sean's controversial lyrics and explore what they really mean.

5th Nov 2016

The don is back! With two lead singles, Big Sean looks to take the reigns on his way to releasing his next album.

Big Sean took to Twitter to release the lead and title song from his upcoming album, ‘No More Interviews’. Just a few hours later, he would drop another single in ‘Bounce Back’. On the same day of dropping the two tracks, Big Sean appeared at a rally for Hillary Clinton with Chance The Rapper and J. Cole in which Jay-Z and Beyonce performed at.

BIg Sean with Chance The Rapper and J.Cole

Big Sean sheds a contrasting light

Contrast to the dark and moody themes of Big Sean’s last project, ‘Dark Sky Paradise’, the don has been working hard to appear sunny with this set of releases. The art for both of the singles have a prominent shade of yellow, and Big Sean has been seen wearing similar tones of clothing recently.

Not all is bright and sunny though. On ‘No More Interviews’, Big Sean vents about the current state of life and lets us in on a few of his gripes. In a bar where he explains he doesn’t know who is who with all the whoopty woop, and how he’s just not impressed by rappers sounding like they’re having an asthma attack. Though it’s almost clear that he’s explaining his disinterest in the new wave of rap, followed by his lack of awe in the one many have called “the savior of rap”, Kendrick Lamar, it’s not entirely certain if he’s trying to stir up any beef, or is just playing into the competition.

Sean continues to express dissatisfaction with “stupid questions” Yes he’s still signed to Ye, but he still seems to wonder why there's a lack of unity, speaking specifically on the Kid Cudi situation. Earlier in the year when Jhene Aiko had devorced Dot Da Genius, Cudi had stepped in defense of Dot Da, since there has been a divide between the former friends. Sean explains to Cudi in the song that their friendship could be easily repaired with a "5 minute conversation", and for the love of the culture and music, we hope this is true.

Take note of the happy whistling in ‘No More Interviews’

Released only a few hours after ‘No More Interviews’ was ‘Bounce Back’, a song which Sean would perform on Jimmy Fallon’s ‘The Tonight Show’ soon after. The cover of this track sports the text “TAKE NO L’s”, yet Big Sean still admits on the hook that “Last night I took a L”. Despite all of this, the song takes no L’s with some major collaborators. With Young Metro on the production, Sean jumps out the gate with a Drake flow, and ends the song with some input from Kanye West himself. Listen for Ye sing “real one… is you a real one”, before the song fades out in a ‘Wolves’-esque fashion

Bump to ‘Bounce Back’ and Keep it Keakie for future coverage on Big Sean

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