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Big Sean’s ‘Halfway Off The Balcony’ video is a portal to his new aesthetic

Explore the colorful and wondrous vibes Big Sean is trying to give on ‘I Decided.’

6th Feb 2017

Image Credit: Detroit Metro Times

Big Sean’s ‘I Decided’ is shaping up to being a number one record

Big Sean looks to keep his momentum going with a video for the song ‘Halfway Off The Balcony’. The song is dreary, and features Big Sean singing throughout, but it’s when the voice switch up happens that his voice is truly enjoyable. The song is one of the less memorable ones on the album though, and we think it’d be nice to see Big Sean use the visual aesthetic on some of the other cuts off the album.

The video itself gives an excellent portrayal of the vibe that Big Sean depicts on the album cover. Fluorescent blue and red lights give off a moody atmosphere that easily floats with the message of the song. The story and events in the video may take a few watches to fully understand, and the same goes for this album concept as a whole.

Watch the video for ‘Halfway Off The Balcony’ and slip into a new world.

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