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Black Panther Special: Introducing Letitia Wright

Find out about the British starlet playing Shuri in Marvel's Black Panther

3rd Feb 2018 / 12 shares

Keakie introduces 24-year-old Letitia Wright, appearing soon on cinema screens across the UK in the hotly-anticipated Marvel blockbuster, Black Panther.

Black Panther is a movie that the world has been waiting for. Featuring a predominantly black cast including the likes of Get Out’s Daniel Kaluuya, Michael B. Jordan, Oscar nominated Angela Bassett and Academy Award winning Forrest Whitaker, this film showcasing Black excellence is sure to be a smash.

Unique in Hollywood for not only putting black talent to the forefront, the concept of the movie is set in a fictional African Kingdom called Wakanda and has stoked up a lot of excitement among Marvel fans. All aspects of the film have been paid careful attention to. For example, the African inspired outfit choices, designed by Ruth E.Carter, have caught media attention worldwide - especially after the film’s luxurious purple carpet LA premiere last week.

One actress who has been rising through the ranks is British starlet Leticia Wright, who was born in Guyana but hails from Walthamstow, London. Inspiring many young black women, Wright has risen through the ranks, appearing in Doctor Who, TopBoy and the Netflix original sci – fi horror series Black Mirror. A familiar face on British television screens, playing Shuri in Black Panther is set to be her breakout role which will shoot her into Hollywood stardom.

Wright plays Shuri, protagonist T’Challa’s younger sister, who designs new technology for fictional Wakanda and is the smartest person in the world. As well as being extremely intelligent, Shuri is highly-respected in the kingdom of Wakanda. 

Wright’s role in Black Panther is not typical of the usual female roles available within the superhero movie genre. Then again, nothing about this film is typical.

As a young black woman living in London (born in Guyana), Wright’s role in this new blockbuster will thrust her into the spotlight as an inspiration for others who look like her in Britain, as well as all across the world. Despite Wright’s upwards and international trajectory, you might have seen her starring in humbler, homegrown productions on your television.

Wright has had TV roles in Holby City, Banana, Cucumber, Doctor Who, Humans and Black Mirror. But she also had a small role in the film, My Brother is the Devil, as well as the leading role in 2012’s Urban Hymn, where she played a criminal blessed with an amazing singing voice.

From filming in London to Atlanta, Letitia Wright is enjoying a new and well-deserved level of fame. Make sure you get your tickets for Black Panther, out in cinemas on 12th February. 

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