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Brockhampton end the Saturation Trilogy and announce next album

Brockhampton is the gift that keeps on giving.

18th Dec 2017


After initially deceiving fans with claims of a ‘last studio album’, the rap group has flipped everything around and announced a plethora of new material.

The statement that Brockhampton have had an amazing year would be an understatement. The self-proclaimed boy-band featuring rappers, singers and graphic designers have burst into the hip-hop scene this year and established themselves with the ‘Saturation Trilogy’. The first of which they released in the early summer, and the next only 2 months after. The albums premiered a unique sound and their hard-hitting production, earning them immense critical success. 

This month the band announced the release date of their album to end this trilogy, December 15th. Leader of the crew Kevin Abstract shook the internet after teasing that Saturation III would be the boy’s final album as a collective. He later went on to correct these statements tweeting, ‘we’re a boyband. no solo albums. we’re gonna make as many group albums as we can, thanks if you support. love you guys a lot. see ya on tour.’ 

As the hype continued to build around the album, earlier this week Brockhampton dropped visuals to a new song off of the album ‘BOOGIE’, directed by Kevin Abstract. the song features energetic vocals from each member and a groovy instrumental, the video shows the boy’s painted blue from head to toe, robbing pawn stores and pizza shops in their trademark orange jumpsuits. Along with this came a 20-minute short ‘tragedy’ directed by Abstract himself, featuring more unreleased music including a slow-banger which is allegedly ‘BLEACH’ off of the final Saturation project.

More recently, the fourteen friends stopped by Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 show to discuss their latest project as well as debut a new single - ‘STAINS’. The track sees a more introspective Brockhampton speak on their success and come-up, detailed by each member and their unique experiences. Before Saturation III is officially released, more material is to be expected to drop - Kevin told fans to watch out for two more music videos this evening.

The band cannot be stopped, and they continue to play with the emotions of fans. Just before they drop their final Saturation album, in keeping with the group’s outlandish and ambitious persona, Brockhampton have teased a new album set to be released in 2018. The album will be allegedly be named ‘Team Effort’ and is confirmation the guys are eager to extend their success into the future and satisfy their growing fan base. On top of this, the ‘Saturation Box-Set’ is expected to hold 21 additional unreleased tracks. They’ve also teased a feature-film, which wouldn’t be out of character for the energetic team. It is clear that the group aren’t slowing down anytime soon and we look forward to seeing what the American boy-band have to offer in the future.

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