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Bryson Tiller Releases New Album True to Self

The Louisville artist has dropped his album a month early.

26th May 2017

Image Credit: Forbes

Bryson Tiller has released his sophomore album, True to Self. Stream it below via Spotify. The new full-length from Tiller comes a month ahead of schedule. Two weeks ago he announced that the album would be set to drop on June 23rd. He previously released three tracks: “Honey,” “Get Mine” featuring Young Thug, and “Somethin Tells Me.” Only the latter made it onto the final album.

Like 2015’s T R A P S O U L, True To Self is a Tiller only project. There are no features on the LP. In a recent Instagram post announcing the early release, Tiller shared his definition of “True to Self”, which includes the idea that “When you are being true to yourself, you are completely honest with what you feel, deeply value, and desire.”

On the production side however, the album features collaborations with major producers such as Boi-1da (Kanye West, Drake), T-Minus (Kendrick Lamar, Nicki Minaj), and WondaGurl (Travis Scott, Jay Z, Young Thug). Nine tracks on the album were produced by the relatively unknown Kentucky producer Nes, who’d sent beats to Tiller via a friend. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Nes said that after sending the beats to Tiller, “an hour later, I’m on the phone talking to Bryson on the assembly line” of (Nes’) day job at a Corvette factory.

The Louisville singer’s debut album T R A P S O U L sent platinum and included singles such as “Don’t”, and “Exchange”. “True to Self” as a strong 90’s hip hop feel, inspired by the likes of Mary J Blige, Faith Evans and 112. Of course, it’s underpinned by Tiller’s signature hard hitting sound. The project lasts an hour, is packed with 19 tracks. On a first listen, this sounds like it could be one of the most impressive records of the year.

Listen to the LP here:

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