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21st Mar 18

How VladTV Has Found A Place In Hip Hop Culture

We take a look at how the Youtube sensation became what it is today, plus our top 5 iconic moments.

27th Jan 18

Hip Hop and The Cryptomarket: How 50 Cent turned album sales into millions

Puff, is it still “All About the Benjamins”?

9th Dec 17

Tesla Is Building Its Own AI Hardware

Elon Musk confirms that Tesla is designing its own chip to power its self-driving cars.

5th Jul 17

Think Like A Millionaire: How You Can Live Like Diddy

The music mogul is making headlines, we explore his millionaire mentality in three simple steps.

2nd Jul 17

Business Over Bromance: Kanye wants out of Tidal

It’s alleged Kanye is owed over $3m by Jay Z.

7th Apr 17

Spotify is looking to go public without raising more money

Find out Spotify's mystery method that isn’t the same as a full blown IPO.

5th Apr 17

Spotify signs long term deal with Universal Music Group

UMG and Spotify have reached a licensing deal that clears the path for Spotify’s IPO.

3rd Apr 17

Apple dismisses UK's Imagination Technologies to make its own chips

Apple set to design its own graphics chips, ending its relationship with Imagination Technologies.

28th Feb 17

Elon Musk's SpaceX Is Set To Fly Two Tourists Around The Moon

The rocket company has committed to providing a week-long private journey aboard the SpaceX Dragon.

22nd Feb 17

Jay Z Is The New Darling Of Technology As He Launches Venture Capital Firm

The artist launches his own venture capital firm to invest in technology projects.