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Calvin Harris teases his upcoming single "Heatstroke"

Calvin Harris follows up Slide with another collaboration ft Young Thug, Pharrell and Ariana Grande.

29th Mar 2017

Image Credit: Calvin Harris

Following the massive success of his single "Slide", featuring Frank Ocean and Migos, Calvin Harris has once again taken to Twitter to share the artwork and studio credits ahead of his next single called "Heatstroke" featuring Young Thug, Ariana Grande and Pharrell. He didn't share details on when the track will be released - so be sure to stay tuned for all the details.

Harris has been in a joyous mood recently. A few months ago he tweeted that he has "more joyful music" coming out in 2017. He added that he felt that joyful, fun music was "missing from the world ... and it was missing from my life. So I created it!” He continued: “I worked with the greatest artists of our generation !!! I’m in the mixing stage now. I listen back and can’t believe what we created… In 2017 I’m making music to make your soul happy !!!! Not feel good music. Feel INCREDIBLE music”.

He shared credits for "Heatstroke", which has been co-written by himself, Jefferey Williams and Brittany Hazzard (also known as Starrah). Hazzard is a rising name in songwriting circles, having also recently co-written Rihanna's 2016 hit "Needed Me".

Harris' announcement comes a day after the 33-year-old Scottish DJ's friend DJ Alesso said Calvin has focused on "funk" in his new music. The DJ heard some demos of Calvin's recently and called for fellow dance acts to stop following the likes of Major Lazor and create "fresh" sounds like Calvin. He said for such a shift to happen it would require DJs to be "brave".

In a recent interview, Alesso said: "I saw him a couple of weeks ago in LA. He played some of his new songs they were amazing. He's not letting anyone put him in the corner. Right now, people need to be brave and stop following the trends. All the demos I'm getting sound like Major Lazor or Kygo. [Calvin's] still doing dance but he has a lot of old school disco/funk going on. there's no drop in his songs, which is brave."

Harris is rumoured to already have an album's worth of new material. But he might release the project as single tracks rather than in an album format. A music insider shared in September 2016 that "Calvin has always been a forward-thinker and believes just releasing singles is the way forward. Albums don't sell how they used to and artists are now seeing streaming as the future. [They're] are time-consuming and limit artists to cycles rather than having a persistent presence in the charts....Calvin is one of the most-streamed artists in the world so it would make sense to exploit that success."

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