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Watch Alicia Keys and family in emotional ‘Blended Family’ video

Alicia Keys sings along side Swizz Beatz and their son as well as A$AP Rocky in a peaceful music video.

13th Nov 2016

Alicia Keys sings along side Swizz Beatz and their son as well as ASAP Rocky in a peaceful music video.

In the video, Alicia is seen a few times with her husband Swizz Beatz and various family members, including their two sons. The concept of the video revolves around not just Alicia’s family, but other families of various ethnic backgrounds. This production explores themes of compassion and family bonding that are unfortunately so often devalued in today’s society.

Though the music video is entirely black-and-white, you aren’t likely to feel too incredibly sad while watching it. With the visuals of family simply enjoying each others company to the tune of happy guitar plucking, your emotions should see an immediate improvement. Plus, it’s always hard not to smile when ASAP Rocky comes into play, and he does so in a big way on this track. It’s fair to say Rocky was part of the blended family, while repping his own blended family in ASAP Mob.

With the release of the video Alicia took to Instagram with a special message that coincides with the song. Reading, “Our experiences may be different… but we are all more alike than we think!” Continuing “I know that this is not just my story… but our story.” Truly ‘Blended Family’ is a powerful piece of music by a beautiful artist that is sure to ease the minds of the people in these turbulent times.

Watch the heartfelt video below, and remember to always show love to the family around you.

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