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Chappelle pulls no punches and ATCQ pay tribute in historic SNL

In one of the most watched SNLs in history, we find humor in election results and more.

15th Nov 2016

Jarobi and Q-Tip besides Dave Chappelle and his manager, Carla Sims

It was a special Saturday night when Dave Chappelle and and A Tribe Called Quest were joined by Chris Rock to joke about the election and memorialize fallen Tribe member, Phife Dawg.

If you were a bit worn-out by the conclusion of last weeks election, you may have found relief in the release of A Tribe Called Quest’s first album in over album in 15 years, followed by the Tribe joining Dave Chappelle for his big television return.

Returning to great applause, Chappelle began his opening monologue saying he did "suspect Trump would win." and continued to make light of some of the darker situations the nation faces. Such as racism, shootings, segregation, and much more. He concluded his 10 minute bit saying that he will give Trump a chance, but demands he, as well as the all of the historically disenfranchised, get one too.

Throughout the show, another esteemed comedian would make appearances, Chris Rock! Chappelle and Rock would feature in one skit, joking and making points about how from their perspective, Trump's victory is hardly a surprise, given the nasty history of prejudice behind white America.

A huge part of this landmark SNL episode was the addition of A Tribe Called Quest. With the release of a historic album as well as a historic election just a few days prior, the impact this music could have was certainly capitalized on. The duo of Q-Tip and Jarobi would perform new tracks “Space Program” and “We the People” alongside their producer Ali Shaheed Muhammed, and a beautiful memorial portrait of Phife Dawg, before long time friends and collaborators Busta Rhymes and Consequence hopped on the stage to perform with them, making for a very special Hip Hop moment.

This SNL was a Saturday Night to remember indeed. We got to witness the brilliance of multiple legendary artists and comedians, as well as the creation of an everlasting tribute to the deceased Phife Dawg. Plus, the grievances this election cycle has brought us also rewarded us with good jokes and good music.

Watch this chilling performance by the remaining members of A Tribe Called Quest.

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