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Stream Willow Smith's new 3 track project, 'Mellifluous'

The singer released a triple dosage of mellifluous music

8th Dec 2016

A month after the release of her chill lullaby 'November 9th', Willow Smith has returned with a three track project titled 'Mellifluous'

The 16 year old released the tracks without any warning. The intention of the tracks is to be a smooth, sweet flowing accompaniment to one's activities. All of the songs share a milky, introspective vibe. The songs were self produced, and are titled “Cave Wall,” “Little Shard,” and “Need to Know”. On the last track we hear Willow bear her soul with the following lyrics, “but I want to know, yes I want to know why my mind's so desperate,” she sings “[…] My mind is like a prison, cold circling around me, I travel in all directions only to find myself in the same place still standing.”

It's been an eventful week for the Smith family. Just a few days ago Jaden released a video for his new track 'Fallen', before announcing that a longer project Syre is to be expected in 2017.

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