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Chris Brown Gets Real About Rihanna In New Documentary

The Virginia star opens up about the fateful night which changed his life.

15th Aug 2017


Chris Brown is no saint.

Dogged by drama, the twenty – eight year old singer/songwriter was once hailed by the media as the next Michael Jackson. However, despite his abundance of talents, his image has been tainted by a number of scandals but one that is most notable is his domestic abuse incident with then - girlfriend Rihanna.

For years Chris Brown held his tongue about the events of that night. Speculation grew over why the famous pair had an argument on the night of the Grammys in 2009 but what started as a fight in a Lamborghini ended in a messy break up which resulted in the singer’s reputation being tarnished forever.

In an open and honest interview for his new documentary, Chris Brown reveals the extent of his domestic abuse during his relationship with Rihanna. A young couple which crumbled under the pressures of the limelight, he reveals how the domestic violence took place on both sides and was a result of mistrust, alcohol abuse and anger.

Featuring the likes of his famous celebrity friends DJ Khaled and Terrence J, the powerful clip explains the context of his fight with Rihanna following Clive Davis pre – Grammys party. Brown reveals how jealousy brew over a past relationship Chris had with another girl and how Rihanna’s lack of trust, led to a full on fight in his car on the night of the Grammys.

Expressing regret about how the situation went down and accepting blame, Brown explains how he lost control once Rihanna threw his car keys out of the window and damaged his CDs which stored unreleased music. Revealing honestly how that night was just one of a series of domestic abuse incidents between the pair, Brown shows his fans how no relationship is perfect.

The clip raises just as many questions as it answers. Fans reacted by showing a lot of sympathy for Brown but many wondered why he chose now to reveal the truth after years of torment by the media. In hindsight, both superstars were very young at the time and mistakes were made on both parts but the consequences for Brown have been devastating. Human relationships are complicated. Domestic violence is to be taken seriously whether the victim is male or female; however, what may shock many fans is Rihanna’s role in initiating the conflict that night.

Brown looks remorseful and explained how that night still haunts him. Hopefully him coming forward now will teach an important lesson to fans and raise awareness about domestic violence with the aim of preventing it.

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