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Craig David returns with new album ‘Following My Intuition’

Known for his pioneering smooth R&B sound, the UK legend is back with a bang.

2nd Oct 2016

Seemingly stuck in an era of curly hair covered loosely by beanie hats Craig David has splashed back onto the scene in 2016 with a cracking new album. The thirty-five-year old singer continues his successful comeback over the last eighteen months and appears visibly older and physically stronger – something which he has not been shy of showing off via Instagram. The singer seems refreshed and has returned with his latest album ‘Following My Intuition’ having released singles from a range of genres such as Pop and Bassline over the last few years. In November 2015, Craig David released ‘When The Bassline Drops’ featuring Grime Rapper Big Narstie which alerted the world to his comeback and more recently he flirted with a more commercial sound on the track ‘Ain’t Giving Up On You’ featuring Sigala.

Since the days of the critically acclaimed album ‘Born To Do It’ music lovers have never fully understood why Craig David fell off in the manner he did. Seemingly dominating the music industry with a unique UK garage sound, the RnB singer had the likes of P Diddy calling from the States in hope of signing him. But despite never reaching the potential many saw in the young singer, it cannot be understated his influence on popularising UK garage which evolved into Grime as a genre and one currently receiving a lot of mainstream media attention through artists like Skepta and Stormzy. Craig David certainly paved the way for many UK urban artists to be successful in the music industry; perhaps to his own detriment. He said: ‘"It got to the point where every artist, and every new pop group that were put together, were doing garage and it started to become a fad thing.’ This made him turn away from the very genre that made him and led him into a stage of experimentation with a plethora of sounds from US RnB to Electro Pop – none of which gave him the success of ‘Born To Do It’ which sold a whopping seven million copies worldwide.

However, the grass is now greener. 2016 has been a rejuvenating year for the artist, he headlined Wireless Festival and has announced a major tour next year titled after his latest album ‘Following My Intuition.’ His classics are timeless but he will be hoping to touch a new generation of fans with his easy – on – the ear RnB sound. Some standout tracks on the album include ‘Sink or Swim’ and ‘Got It Good’ featuring eclectic Canadian producer Kaytranada.

Make sure you check it out below:

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