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Inside Conor McGregor's New Biopic 'Notorious'

A movie that attempts to show the man behind the mask

8th Nov 2017

With four years of production and filming comes Gavin Fitzgerald’s Conor McGregor: Notorious, released on the 1st of November.

The film is held up and marketed as the in-depth probe into the champion's rise to the peak of the UFC world from a plumber just five years ago and acts as a behind the scenes documentary on McGregor’s life.

The film brings a refreshing view to Mcgregor, turning back time in an effort show him as the driven colourful idealist, alongside the flamboyance of his media persona. Highlighting this is the movies focus on Conor’s long term girlfriend Dee Devlin, which allows the film to shift focus onto her relationship with him, shining light on the difference between the man she sees, and the man the world sees.

In this sense, the film attempts to portray the 29-year-old man behind the chaos of his career, loving his family, his girlfriend and his life. Here Fitzgerald’s goal is to give his audience a more focused view of McGregor’s life. So if you’ve never watched an Embedded episode, then the film might well work for you. However, for those who've kept up to date on Conor, there isn't much new here minus the end credit scene which shows high definition footage from the famous Paulie Malignaggi sparring match.

Watch the trailer below:

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