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Dave Levels Up With "Question Time'

Dave channels his J. Cole flow on this socially conscious track.

10th Oct 2017

Image Credit: Noisey

Only one day after announcing that his upcoming EP Game Over will be released on November 3rd, Dave has released a politically charged new track called "Question Time". Both lyrically and visually, this track is a certified classic.

In the tune, Dave addresses topics such as the NHS, America's approach to the Israel / Palestine conflict, Saudi Arabia, David Cameron, Brexit, Jeremy Corbyn, Donald Trump, Grenfell Tower, and the personal struggles that the artist experienced growing up. With the track, Dave has taken aim at a wide range of pressing political issues, and in the process has made a statement that has differentiated him from the rest of the game and elevated him as one of the finest artists of his generation.

The central theme of the track revolves around the false promises that seem to have been disseminated from mainstream politicians, and their inability to pull through when it really counts.

To fully understand the impact of this intense, dark, important track, you have to watch the 7 minute video yourself. The video was produced by Fraser T Smith, and directed by Nathan James Tettey.

Watch "Question Time" here:

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