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Dave returns with Two Birds No Stones

The young MC doesn't know who to trust in this new joint

11th Dec 2016

Dave is out for blood

Firmly in his sights lie the title as the breakout UK star of 2016, and he's returned with another banger 'Two Birds No Stones'. In a remix of Drake's recent song 'Two Birds One Stone', the UK rapper reminisces on the ways that people have changed in their attitudes towards him since he achieved success. He talks about how girls want more from him since his latest successes. The end of the song is perhaps the most emotional, as he reflects "this game so confused and I don't know what I want from this, a virgin before music, girls came with my accomplishments, and now I don't believe their praise and all their compliments I take my insecurities and hide it all in confidence"

Listen to it here

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