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Davido speaks out in support of President Buhari

The Nigerian President has a staunch supporter in huge musician Davido

18th Oct 2016

Credit: Instagram

One of Africa’s most popular musicians, Davido, has recently asked Nigerians to have patience with the current government. He said that with time, things would improve under the president’s regime.

Support for the Buhari Administration

Nigeria is a country that currently faces many problems, from an oil crisis to currency issues. Many citizens of the nation are quickly losing faith in the president that they elected in May 2015, who they accuse of financial mismanagement and is currently embroiled in negative press following statements such as ‘my wife belongs in the kitchen’. These have been unpopular sources of discontent among Nigerians, but the pop star remains hopeful.

In a recent interview with ThisDay Style magazine, the hitmaker said “I believe the country is going through a lot of reforms at the moment. I certainly don’t believe that two years is enough time to fix Nigeria considering all we have being through. All President Buhari needs is a lot of time, dedication and most importantly, support from the people and God willing he will succeed in making Nigeria great again,”.

Davido's Personal Life

The 23 year old singer, who just dropped his third album ‘Son of Mercy’, also revealed that he is not currently in the mood for a romantic relationship, saying that he is currently just having fun. He said “I don’t have a girlfriend. Right now, I’m all over the place, I don’t think am ready for a relationship. I don’t know where I will be in 10 years, but I know I’ll be chilling,”. You can’t blame him!

He believes that it is right as a prominent artist to use his voice to represent the people and to speak out on subjects that he believes in. He said that a lot of people out there look up to him and so he tried his best to use his music to speak to them positively.

But this has not prevented him from getting into some social media dramas. When asked about the backlash he sometimes receives on Twitter, he said “most fans sometimes forget that we as artists are humans as well. The backlash doesn’t come off as a surprise, it comes with the fame.”

Tinashe and Future Projects

His next album is coming next year and is set to be on tour for most of 2017. He also revealed that he will be launching his own line of branded merchandise, displaying an entrepreneurial spirit in the talented musician.

In other news, the artist recently collaborated with US starlet Tinashe on a steamy video ‘How Long’. The video was shot in Malibu, California predominantly in black and white. It sees Tinashe riding a horse and sharing intimate moments with Davido on a deserted beach. The lyrics of the song reveal a private and romantic atmosphere on the track.

In an interview with Noisey, Davido spoke about how the collaboration blended various genres. He said that he recorded the hit himself about a year ago. It was not released until one of the executives at Sony International played it to Tinashe. She loved the track and the executive asked Davido if he would like to work with her to complete the record. The result is an incredible song and video that was released just last week.

Check it out here:

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