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Deezer introduces a Grime channel and grassroots scheme

The music streaming service will provide financial and mentoring support for up and coming artists.

22nd Oct 2016

Credit: Instagram

Deezer is an online on demand music streaming service. It allows users to listen to music from all the major labels in the world both online and offline, with a library of over 40 million tracks and 30,000 radio channels.

The platform has just launched a fresh grime focused channel along with an in depth grassroots support programme aimed and helping the scene. The programme will result in Deezer supporting up and coming artists trying to make it in the industry, as well as promoters and other kinds of content creators. They will do this by providing guidance and mentorship as well as through bursaries to make sure that the talent isn’t killed by a lack of opportunity.

The channel will be available globally from today and it will see Deezer work with 36 artists over the next 6 months to produce playlists, podcasts and videos, in addition to promoting new albums, artists and live radio stations.

Roman Tagoe, the head of content and editorials at Deezer UK & Ireland, said in a recent statement that “It’s time for the British music industry to step up and recognise that it needs to identify new ways to help support this unique genre which, by it’s very nature, is typically anti-establishment. By launching a channel dedicated to championing Grime, combined with our grassroots programme, we will help identify the best new talent and give them the ability to showcase their work on a global scale.”

Music journalist Laura Brosnan added “It’s a great time for the Grime community to start moving forward, but important it maintains it’s DIY ethos and heritage.” She continued by saying “For a long time, brands and the industry have ignored us, or simply exploited the Grime scene for their own gain. However, Deezer have chosen the right approach and are celebrating the entire culture, and looking at how it can play a genuinely positive role within their own sector to push a genre that rarely gets the credit it deserves. If you want to align yourself with this authentic British sound then it’s compulsory to invest in the music in the long-term and support these extremely talented creatives in the right way.” 

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