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Desiigner teams up with King Savage on Zombie walk

The Panda hitmaker also dropped a high energy Adams Family Freestyle for Genius

2nd Nov 2016

Halloween is officially over, but Desiigner clearly doesn’t give a fuck.

He dropped a stunning 9 minute short film for his latest single, Zombie Walk.

The film, directed by Grant Curatola, finds the Panda hitmaker on the way to meet his friend King Savage at a party. However his car breaks down and he is forced to hitch a ride with a sinister, mysterious figure who turns out to be a zombie. After the zombie takes a bite out of Designer’s neck, he runs through the woods in an artful sequence that shoots between his panicked sprinting, and scenes of him performing the track.

At first, events in the party appear perfectly normal. Things escalate quickly however as the clip jumps between live action and animation. Desiigner finally arrives at the house to find King Savage already turning into a zombie. The film ends with a group of zombies walking through a graveyard and Desiigner witnessing Savage receive a gory crown of bones.

The artist dropped the video on Halloween, in addition to a special ‘Addams Family Freestyle’, which Desiigner performed in full zombie makeup. Desiigner is already well known for his captivating freestyles, including one earlier in the year that previewed his successful hit ‘Timmy Turner’. He spat this freestyle for Genius, and while it isn’t easy to understand specifically what he is saying, here is a little extract of his lyrics:

“My niggas they tear you up

Hit booboo with fire truck

My boys they come, better duck

This what happen you fuck with me

When Rob the God with the crew.”

See ... it makes so much more sense now.

Check out the video here:

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