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Devlin teams up with Maverick Sabre on 'Blow Your Mind'

Devlin releases another track in the lead up to his February LP

12th Jan 2017

The new tracks just keep coming from Devlin.

Now he's teamed up with Maverick Sabre for another joint. This track is more hip-hop and soul influenced than his last tune "Cold Blooded". Speaking to Complex UK, Devlin said "'Blow Your Mind' is just me having fun, unloading lyrics on a lovely beat and Maverick Sabre doing what he does best. When you write an album, you think about concepts, tunes, touching people. But it was good to just fucking go in with the wordplay. I used to say, 'give me a Michael Myers horror movie beat so I feel like I can chase it down', and I feel like I've taken it back to the essence with this album." Keep your eyes peeled for Devlin's new LP 'The Devil', out on February 10th.

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