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Dizzee Rascal releases ‘Space’

The grime legend has returned with a new video.

18th Jun 2017

This week there were rumbles of a return by a man who pioneered the sound that is pushing British culture across the globe – Dizzee Rascal.

A movement that has championed the voice of the suppressed, Grime’s energy has attracted a global audience from young music fans who are curious about the sound’s vibrancy and long term fans who have been through the trials and tribulations of the genre which was once rejected by mainstream radio and considered a threat to public order by local governments.

Despite the negative portrayal that Grime has had to endure over the years, a lot of positive stories have come from the scene’s meteoric rise such as the success of new school Grime artists like Stormzy and Dave. However, this week, after some cryptic marketing which involved Dizzee releasing a livestream video in which he wrote down a track list for his new album ‘Raskit,’ it has since been confirmed that the Grime icon will be releasing his first album in four years.

Having previously diversified his sound away from the genre he pioneered through his debut album ‘Boy In Da Corner,’ Dizzee makes a welcome return to his roots in this lyrical masterclass. Fast pace rhymes, a darkly themed video and some braggadocious lyrics, he marked his return in style. Astute fans may have noticed that Dizzee’s new track shares some of the rhymes he used in his 2016 ‘Five Finger’s Of Death’ freestyle which the rapper performed on LA radio show Sway In The Morning.

It’s great to have Dizzee back, watch him make his dynamic return below:

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