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DJ Khaled is set to star in Pitch Perfect 3

The Hip Hop super collaborator teased the film role via social media yesterday (March 27th).

28th Mar 2017

Image Credit: Billboard

DJ Khaled is set to star in the third instalment of the Pitch Perfect franchise. The artist took to social media to share the news, revealing behind the scenes peaks at the film set in a series of Snapchat videos that included a cameo from Elizabeth Banks.

Khaled gave no specifics about the role, but he generated a lot of hype. The artist, who recently celebrated the birth of his first son, will be joined by Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Hailee Steinfeld and Trinidad James among others in the cast of the film.

Pitch Perfect is an American musical comedy franchise. The plot follows Barden University’s all-girl a cappella group called ‘The Barden Bellas’. Through the films we see the group compete against other college groups in a quest to win the national a cappella championships. The first instalment premiered in Los Angeles on September 24th 2012 and opened to positive reviews from critics. Eventually it earned over $115 million in global revenue and become the second highest grossing musical comedy film of all time - railing only School of Rock. The film was followed by Pitch Perfect 2 in 2015, which performed even stronger. Pitch Perfect 2 grossed over $287 million, became a global phenomenon and smashed the total gross of the original film ($115 million) within a week. Eventually it overtook School of Rock ($131.3 million) and still stands as the highest grossing music comedy film of all time.

Pitch Perfect 3 therefore has big boots to fill. The film will be directed by Trish Sie - who directed 2014’s “Step Up” movie, and its script has been written by Kay Cannon - who in recent years has been credited with writing US hits “New Girl” and “30 Rock”. Pitch Perfect 3 will be released on December 22nd 2017.

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