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Drake drops wild 'Sneakin' video ft 21 Savage

21 Savage joins up with Drake to create a wavy new visual.

15th Nov 2016

Drake and 21 Savage continue their momentum with a video drop for their collaborative song, ‘Sneakin’.

No it’s not 1990, and yes this video was produced to look like a VHS tape. The OVO team makes an interesting choice to create an aesthetic not seen often in mainstream media. An aesthetic that has actually been harnessed in recent times for media such as underground hip-hop videos and late-night comedy television alike.

Bringing this vibe to a larger audience, Drake and 21 Savage dance alongside twerking females and expensive foreign cars while wearing extremely flashy clothes and jewellery. While this all may sound extremely ordinary if not stereotypical, the red and fuzzy visual matched with the awkward camera work and occasional cuts to slow-motion will definitely catch you off guard more than a few times and are bound to make you chuckle.

We mentioned the foreign cars, but it's interesting to note that the Ferrari pictured in the video that you occasionally see 21 Savage driving is actually the same Ferrari Drake had just gifted 21 for his 21st birthday! If that's not enough, a graphic of the car along side 2 other cars (presumably Drake's), as well as the chains the two were wearing, were shown as the video faded out, just to ensure you didn't forget about them.

Also look out for fellow OVO members 40 and PartyNextDoor in the video as well, out on Apple Music!

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