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Ebenezer Impresses With Trap Infused R&B Project 'Bad Romantic'

North London's rising star releases a solid R&B/Trap flavoured project

3rd Mar 2018

In a UK music scene smothered in Drill, Grime and Afroswing; Ebenezer’s new project Bad Romantic is creating a lane of R&B more suited to the likes of Ty Dolla Sign, Bryson Tiller and Tory Lanez. Having worked with the likes of PnB Rock and Jeremih, the North Londoner is certainly making a name for himself.

Many British artists get criticized for putting out music that sounds too ‘Americanized,’ I’d argue that it is often a fair criticism as I believe British music largely has a distinct and brilliant sound that should be celebrated rather than pandering to a larger audience.

Despite Bad Romantic’s London roots, to a casual listener it could certainly pass as an album from an American artist, yet it does not feel like it’s trying too hard to be that. The music sounds natural and lacks any cringe-worthy moments.

Ebenezer appears to be vocally stronger than many of his contemporaries, leaving me to question how much he really needs the auto-tune that is woven within this project. It sounds good regardless; it almost adds a certain atmospheric vibe to many of the songs and hooks.

With only 9 tracks and a just over 20 minute run time, Bad Romantic is an easy listen that sounds good in a car, as background music or for a turn up. Songs such as 'Stats' and 'Catch Feelings' are certified bangers that sound great blasting on a good sound system. In fact, most of this tape does.

For a project this short and with most of the tracks being up-tempo bangers, it is surprisingly cohesive. The sequencing is great and it is really added to by the interludes, which on most albums are painfully bad, but here add nice separation between songs of similar moods.


Overall this album works excellently. The production supports Ebenezer’s voice expertly, I specifically love the horns on the opening track. Whilst the songs lyrical content isn’t anything particularly thought provoking, it doesn’t pretend to be anything of the sort. It’s a solid foot forward for the Londoner. 

Must Listens: South Of France, Stats, Catch Feelings

Listen to 'Bad Romantic' below on Spotify:

Rating: 3.5/5

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