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Ed Sheeran resurrects Pac on Melodic ‘Shape Of You’ Remix

The GOAT Tupac Shakur reinvents Ed Sheeran’s smash hit.

11th Feb 2017

Credit: Headline Planet

Tupac Shakur is considered by many to be the greatest rapper of all time.

In his all too short life he sold over 75 million records and influenced some of today’s greatest names in Hip Hop such as Kendrick Lamar. His honest and hard hitting lyrics touched fans from all over the world and he has long been commemorated after his death. One such way is through a variety of remixes online, taking Pac’s raw voice and combining his songs into unique mixes with contemporary tracks.

One unlikely concoction was the new ‘Shape of You’ remix which has surfaced online. Posted by Tupac Thug Theory, the mix works very well combining Sheeran’s number one track ‘Shape Of You’ and Pac’s classic Starin' Through My Rear View.’

Pac’s aggressive delivery works well on the song. His social commentary from over 20 years ago now still seems applicable today. He raps: ‘Now I was raised as a young black male/In order to get paid, forced to make crack sales/ Caught a nigga so they send me to these overpacked jails/In the cell, counting days in this living black hell/Do you feel me?’

Pac’s highly anticipated biopic ‘All Eyez On Me’ will be released in cinemas in June 2017 – you can view the exciting trailer below:

Ed Sheeran who has demonstrated to all other artists how to do a comeback the right way will cement his early year success tonight on Saturday Night Live. A couple of top ten billboard tracks (‘Shape Of You’ and ‘Castle on A Hill’), a feature in GQ and a performance on one of the world’s most popular television shows, Ed Sheeran must be loving life right now.

Check out the inventive remix below:

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