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Ed Sheeran returns from ’Gap Year’ in Ghana with new videos and album scoop

The popstar stopped by a few radio stations to discuss his intriguing experiences abroad.

13th Jan 2017

Image Credit: Ian West/PA Wire

Ed Sheeran is one of Britain’s most lovable stars.

His honest character but supreme talent has endeared him to fans all over the globe but 2016 was a rather quiet year for the pop star. The ‘A Team’ singer took some time out of the limelight and spent the year travelling to various countries from Ghana to Japan with his girlfriend. He stopped by a few radio stations this week to discuss his experiences.

It’s been a long journey to success for Ed Sheeran, once told he’d never make it by record label A&Rs, the Suffolk native believed in his artistry and his raw talents of singing, song writing and of course guitar playing which has led him to collaborate with the likes of Pharrell Williams, Justin Bieber and The Weeknd. He’s come a long way from silly SBTV freestyles about smoking weed and Nandos chicken.

In his interview with BBC 1XTRA, he revealed to host Ace that he spent some time in Ghana and made a song in the Ghanaian language Twi with Afrobeats star Fuse ODG which is on the album. Sheeran revealed that he spent a lot of time at the Ghanaian star’s house whilst he was out in Ghana. He even claims he got a tattoo of the Ghanaian flag.

Ed looks hungry this year, highlighting that he’s out be the best artist in the world. He will be dropping two new videos and has recently announced the release date for his 3rd studio album ‘Divide’ for March 3rd. In this interview he discusses always remaining grounded despite the heights he has reached. From being homeless in the street to superstardom, Ed has always remained humble. He is one of very few pop artists who writes all his own material and is famed for his soulful twists on contemporary rap songs, one thing for sure is that no one can question Ed Sheeran’s artistic integrity.

Check out his live performance of ‘Castle On A Hill’ below:

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