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Eric Andre Is Producing A New Show On Adult Swim

The comedian will head the production of the show called “Mostly 4 Millennials”

16th May 2017

Eric Andre is set to produce a new show on Adult Swim, called Mostly 4 Millennials. The program is a 15 minute live-action comedy series and it’ll be created by Derrick Beckles and executively produced by Andre. Adult Swim has described the show as an “exciting look into what makes this incredibly important generation of humans tick.” A premiere date has not been announced yet.

The concept of Mostly 4 Millennials is reminiscent of Totally 4 Teens, which was a parody of teen pandering programming that was created by Beckles for Adult Swim back in 2011.

In a press release that boasts its “reign as the home for creative-driven, one of a kind programming”, Adult Swim also announced that they were introducing a new half-hour comedy special from Vice supremo Jena Friedman. Friedman’s special is set to bring an “unapologetically feminist” perspective on the “evergreen issues related to politics, gender and American culture”.

In his role as executive producer, Adult Swim will be hoping that Eric Andre’s absurdist drive will translate into the series as a whole. Andre has captivated a wide range of audiences, emerging as the comedic voice of a millennial generation. He’s embraced his status as a living, breathing, walking symbol of chaos.

The success of his main show, The Eric Andre show, has turned the comedian into one of the most sought after acts in the game. In recent years his rising star has led him to star in films such as Popstar and in TV series such as American Dad! and Man Seeking Woman and Animals. Despite his wild antics, he’s actually a soft spoken and relatively restrained person off camera; or at least that’s what his girlfriend, actress Rosario Dawson says.

Here's a snippet from The Eric Andre show

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