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Eric Bellinger releases his latest project "Eric B for President"

After a performance masterclass at the Jazz Cafe in Camden, Eric Bellinger drops a new project

11th Sep 2016

The LA Magazine

After absolutely tearing down the Jazz Café with a fantastic performance, RnB singer Eric Bellinger announced to the crowd that he would be dropping his broadly anticipated project at the stroke of midnight called ‘Eric B For President: Term 1.’

The project which is now available on all streaming platforms, pays tribute to legendary NYC hip hop duo Eric B and Rakim who’s 1986 debut single ‘Eric B Is President’ has a similar title to Bellinger’s 2016 project. These two Hip Hop icons, Bellinger claims paved the way for artists like him to prosper in the music industry. He told Billboard: ‘This is my way of saying thank you and providing physical proof that they made a difference.’ Eric Bellinger also hopes that the concept of the album which is centred around his presidency will raise awareness in the Hip Hop community about the importance of voting with the upcoming election between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump being arguably the most crucial in US history, especially with volatile state of current world affairs.

On his Instagram, each of the songs from his project have cover art in the form of past and present US presidential candidates - Barack Obama, George Bush, Abraham Lincoln and Hilary Clinton all make an appearance. The album cover itself features Eric B cheesing for the camera looking like he’s about to run for the head position – a classy touch Eric.

The Compton singer has dropped this project as a follow up to his EP Eventually which he released in February 2016. Despite his latest release only being eight tracks long, he has blessed us with some absolute bangers with ‘In My Prime,’ ‘GOAT’ and ‘Snappin & Trappin’ being standout tracks for us here at Keakie.

Listen to 'Eric B For President, Term 1' here:

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