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Exclusive Release: Weyland McKenzie Releases His Ramona Pre-EP

Rap prodigy Weyland McKenzie turns 20 and surprises with new pre-EP.

25th Feb 2017

Image Credit: Cozy Mag

Weyland McKenzie has had a very busy year. Last month we spoke candidly with him about his silky track "Fourty4" which was released on New Years Day. This week we caught up with the multi-talented artist once again to discuss his new music. "This is my second interview this week, I’m so happy!”, he said, settling down comfortably for our chat. It seemed that the passionate young man had one thing burning on his mind; he wanted to share the story behind his new pre-EP, titled “Ramona”.

Listen to the pre-EP below and enjoy the interview.

The immediate question that comes to mind of course, is who this mysterious Ramona is? The name evokes visions of Maroon 5’s classic album “Songs about Jane” or Ray Charles’ “Georgia On My Mind”. Weyland agrees. He explained “Storytelling is a big aspect of my music, and Ramona is a character I’ve created. In music we normally only scratch the surface. I want to start building worlds and characters to live in those worlds. The three tracks on this project are about Ramona, and there’ll also be a mix coming out in a couple of weeks that will expand on the character a bit more.”

The project has been in the works for a while. One of the tracks had been sitting idle on his laptop for over a year. Recently he came back to it, and the track set the mood upon which the rest of the project was built. “The project is very cohesive; there’s definitely a sound to it. The second song speaks from the perspective of a female character, and I wanted to expand on that throughout the EP;.

The project was mostly produced by McKenzie himself. The last track, “Conversations With Ramona” takes its inspiration from an old-school Kaytranada beat. Features on the project are delivered by a collection of the artist's close friends. “I really wanted a family feel on the project. I recorded most of it with my mic, in my room. I mixed and mastered two of the songs myself. It’s pretty much a home project, built from my laptop”.

The level of independence behind the pre-EP echoes the methods of some of Weyland’s favourite artists in the game right now. From the likes of Little Simz, who is “in her own lane, doing everything”, to A2 and Careless, Weyland respects those who handle a lot of the craft behind their music and distribution.

During the week he teased the project through a video trailer, although this EP won’t have videos accompanying the tracks. “I want to put out a project every season, so I think we expect to see a full video for one of my later projects this year. With the format that I’ve chosen [a couple of songs per season], I feel like each project will allow me to capture different pockets of inspiration. I don’t want all of the projects to sound exactly the same - but each of them will have their own sound. Last year I only put out four or five songs. By the time Ramona drops I’ll already have put out more music by February this year than I did the whole of last year.”

Have a first listen to Ramona, a cohesive and accomplished project from one of London’s most exciting young prospects. Keep it locked.

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