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Fabric Nightclub Reopens

Following its controversial closure in summer, the London Superclub is set to reopen.

21st Nov 2016

Image Credit: Nick Ensing

Fabric is set to reopen in the wake of a private deal made between the owner’s lawyers and Islington Council earlier today.

The iconic London super club will reopen under strict new rules and policy changes; which include non-entry to under 19 year olds, ID scanners used upon entry and a slew of new drug awareness training for staff and promoters alike.

Fabric was shut down earlier this year by the council after the drug related deaths of two 18 year old clubbers. The closure was widely reviled, lamented and protested by artists and music industry commentators. Especially vocal were UK DJ’s and performers who rallied around the club with the #savefabric campaign.

Fabric’s reopening marks a significant step in the dialogue between artists, promoters and councils. In its seventeen year history, the club had fostered a reputation for embracing individuality, quality and innovation and for many the clubs’ closure represented an attack on British youth culture and music. This limited win is a step in the right direction to legitimising (in the eyes of the establishment) cultures that mean so much, to so many.

Despite the strict new rules in place, British music has regained one for the last bastions of true artistry, expression and experience. In our books this can only be a good thing and a sorely needed light in these uncertain times.

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