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Behind the scenes of the latest movies

16th Jul 18

First Impressions: SuperFly Movie

An Honest Opinion On A Film which is an Alternative Interpretation of a classic.

8th Jul 18

Terry Crews Taking On Hollywood

Terry Crews shows his bravery by taking on the Hollywood elites.

5th Mar 18

Hip Hop Highlights From The Oscars

We take a look at our favorite cultural moments from the 90th Academy Award Ceremony.

20th Feb 18

Black Panther Film Review: "An Afrocentric Marvel"

It seems that Black Panther is another multimillion-dollar success within the Marvel Universe

16th Feb 18

Inside Marvel's Black Panther European Premiere

Black Panther has been the cultural event of 2018, find out more about the film.

3rd Feb 18

Black Panther Special: Introducing Letitia Wright

Find out about the British starlet playing Shuri in Marvel's Black Panther

13th Jan 18

Leonardo DiCaprio set to star in new Quentin Tarantino movie

The actor is gearing up to play Charles Manson in this controversial motion picture.

29th Dec 17

Biggest Trends of 2017

From the rise of mumble rap to the influence of social media stars, 2017 has been a big year.

8th Nov 17

Inside Conor McGregor's New Biopic 'Notorious'

A movie that attempts to show the man behind the mask

30th Oct 17

#MeToo: How Hashtag Activism is Making a Difference

A recent trend has taken over the internet and could make all the difference.