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Six Emerging Streetwear Brands You Should Know

Make sure you keep an eye on these contemporary streetwear brands in 2018

22nd Jun 2017

Fashion moves forward. As such, we've compiled a collection of some of the most exciting, fresh streetwear brands to look out for in the coming seasons:

Dxpe Chef

‘Dxpe Chef’ is the innovative culture and fashion brand based on worldwide tours, which inspire their seasonal collections. Founded by fashion pioneer Macharia Brian nearly a decade ago, the brand has gone through a series of styles to get to their current look. Their unapologetic approach to design is demonstrated with vibrant coloured collections and constantly changing concepts which embody the mood and character of the team and culture behind the brand. The brand has popularised Tie-Dye designs, customisation and bright, bold colours. Their latest ‘Strobe’ collection launched with bright hoodies, camo-print trousers and oversized flannels.

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Launched by young Londoners Clint Ogbenna and Ade Sanusi, Cade is the latest breakout in UK streetwear, and has already attracted some big names such as British singer Jorja Smith, who rocks the yellow ‘Cade On The Map’ hoodie. Their first drop also featured in ASAP Rocky’s short film. The designs are inspired from various cultures and influences around the world, yet they stay true to their London background. 

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Ruth Peterson

Despite being pretty underground at the moment, this streetwear brand is making moves. Their previous collections have been modelled by Skepta, Ty Dollar Sign and Jorja Smith. The young Liverpool-native, Ruth Peterson captures the essence of London culture with her gritty designs and manipulation of recognisable UK brands, expressing the over-use of branding and identity in today’s society. Her recent collection was debut through a Short Horror Promo at a London Pop-Up. The clothes give an authentic taste of the U.K and encapsulate what it’s like to be a London teen. Keep a look out for a first collection dropping soon.

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Farida Apparel

Imran Malik, the founder of Farida Apparel, sees no boundaries within the fashion industry. This is clear when you take a look at his unique unisex clothing line. The garments his brand produce radiate with creative liberation and diversity - lending itself to the ever-changing and one of a kind style of fashion culture in London. Farida, named after Imran's mother, aims to provide comfort, versatility and a unique style to customers and complement the forms of both sexes. This is done successfully through the great care they take in the design process. When speaking with 'Wonderland' Malik explained, "When you purchase an item from Farida, you are investing in a lifestyle and something that is truly unique. Exclusivity is a tremendous characteristic of this brand therefore every item is truly bespoke."

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Although already widely known, Stussy can’t be overlooked. The California brand, initially focused on ‘surfwear’, continue to expand their horizons and drop stylish yet practical collections. Their recent drop’s include colourful tee’s and hi-vis coats, perfect for the winter weather.

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Yosqi is an underground clothing brand influenced by Japanese Streetwear. With one store hidden away in Camden Market, London - they are truly a hidden gem. Their capsules are a hybrid between relaxed and authentic. They stock a range of slick, expertly crafted pieces with strings, stapes and chains accessorised throughout. As their following continues to grow, be quick to cop their latest collections.

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