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FKJ releases sensational visuals for 'Vibin Out'

The video for this song is heavenly.

5th Sep 2017

The Crocodile

With the release of ‘French Kiwi Juice’ Vincent Fenton (FKJ) seems to be producing music that feels emotionally evocative, unique and alive. The album itself is entitled with the initials of his stage name, seemingly encompassing his name, his sound and music as being one in the same.

The tracks on this album are well arranged, with solid bass hits and flavorful synths accompanying coolly edited vocals. The result is a mixer of electronica and jazz that is soothing, torturously sweet and rich with the included French style.

Vibin’ Out is a track that embodies the soul of the album both through its sound and music video. The song is both melancholic and warm, matching the high-pitched singing of (((O))). Within the collection of tracks, this stands out due to the synths that seem to simmer, creating a floaty feeling that is light and airy; an illusion of sound. Like the other tracks, this was produced in Paris though all of the vocals are sung in English.

Visually, the music video supports this dreamy quality. Opening, five women stand in a formation four of them holding glasses of swirling liquid while (((O))) sits in the center, her ghostly eyes covered in golden dust. The choreography within the video is intoxicating and hazy, the dancers switching from slow controlled simultaneous movements to wild uncontrolled and expressive ones. This is supported by slow-motion effects and a fog machine, that helps to separate the listener from reality, elevate them into the mind of (((O))) as she vocally expresses her emotions in words.

Overall, ‘French Kiwi Juice’ is an album with a calming vibe, so take some time out to listen on Spotify below:

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