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Focus on what Rimon says...BBYGIRL FOCU$!

9 months into her singing career, RIMON has debuted her stunning EP, BBY FOCU$.

28th Nov 2018


The latest EP from the Amsterdam born, East African goddess Rimon features 5 new tracks, alongside her recent single Sugarcoated Love.

The vocal powerhouse took to the stage in 3 major European cities last week to debut her latest release for the first time as a headliner. La Badaboum, Paradiso and The Courtyard Theatre were packed with fans of the young artist. A four-piece band played alongside Rimon, performing some of her older favourites, as well as the songs from her new EP.

Feel It takes the lead for this brilliantly produced EP (prod. Samuel Kareem). Percussion and backing vocal samples carry the intro into the first verse which is packed with a strong melodic bass line, full drum kit and funky-dunky lyrics “you got me”. The full band that was present at her first headline shows last week in London, Paris and Amsterdam is mirrored on the EP.

Sugarcoated Love is the second track on the EP, and single that dropped late October. The groovy *Hmm, Taa, Hmm, Hmm, Taa* of the beat with Rimon’s warm, silvery tones make this tune so easy on the ears. The love songs visuals that were released on Thursday 2nd November perfectly embody the themes of the track. With Rimon and her “lover” featured in various settings, the music video is just as appealing to watch as it is to listen to. Our favourite part is the lyrical cue “walking by the sea” and the two are captured on a beach in striking red garms.

Rimon has a real talent with writing hooks to her tracks, and Dust and Wherewasu is definitely a true demonstration of this. Live guitars on Dust, and a live drum kit on both other tracks add another level to this EP that a lot of RnB is lacking in the scene today. Rimon’s vocals are unwaveringly strong, yet light and float in, out and around the instrumentals on each piece.

Moved On is one of the more upbeat songs on the EP, with Rimon singing about the powerful process of breaking up and then moving the f*ck on! We love the lyrics on in this song; “you misused my innocents, you used it against me” and “you wanted me, I’m over you, you missed your chance, I’m over you” truly speak volumes to the topic. Unlike so many breakup songs, this one is light, bright and catchy and one that will have you singing along even if you’re not breaking up.

The EP’s 6th and final track, FOCU$, drops the tempo for an easy to listen to outro. Rimon sings it simply “I’m doing me now” which is such a great *bow to tie on the package* that was the BBYGIRL FOCU$ EP. We’re so impressed with the musical journey Rimon has been on so far, with only releasing her first single (Grace) 9 months ago, the production, her writing and her overall performance has surpassed all previous projects.

All in all, the EP is a really well put together project, we can expect big things from the Dutch native. Though Rimon has just completed her mini-euro-tour, we’re eager to hear when her official EP tour will be. We recommend keeping your eyes peeled on her instagram for all the updates.

Rate: 4/5

Favourites: Feel It, Moved On.

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