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For A Day: If I Were Donald Trump

An opinion piece on the leader of the Free World.

12th Jan 2018


Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you were to wield the power of those who consistently dominate the headlines for just one day? In this brand new Keakie column, we explore what we would do if we were one of the world's greatest icons for a day. A marriage of Keakie's creative and socially conscious base, this column series will address how we feel the biggest influencers in a range of fields such as film, music and politics should operate, so that they can use their power to make the world a better place. Following his haphazard week, we start off with none other than the world's most powerful man, the President of the United States, Donald Trump:

If I were Trump for a day, I’d spend a lot of my time staring into reflective surfaces and they’d tell me truths that only I cannot see. With every step taken, I’d feel the weight of the power I’ve been given; power the span beyond my business comprehension. I’d struggle and buckle under the responsibility that comes with being the leader of the free world, chained by a constitution I do not understand.

One hundred convincing voices, all charming and complimentary. They’d all seem to know the answers, seem honest and assuring; motivated by their own interests and goals, patriotic to the bone. Well-dressed men and women with perfect masks. Lost, I’d listen to as many as I could regardless before I make a decision, I’d stick to the written speeches and confident body language, I’d appear strong and certain and I’d do my research so that when spoken to I can sound aware of major affairs. “I know what I’m doing” would become my philosophy as I learn about politics, national and international to further serve the people who put me into office.  

As Trump I’d aim for progress rather than destruction; halting my war on the media with an understanding that results speak louder than my twitter feed. The notions of my exaggerated character would disappear as I am only a man, born rich and well raised in Queens. I’d stop chasing adoration as that is not what I’d seek, rather, I’d aim to serve my country without breaking its foundations through childish squabbles and public affairs that discredit my status.

If I was Trump for a day I’d consider the disparaging image I display, of a powerful man of flamboyant character given a position; unearned and unqualified. I’d seek to embody the rugged individualism that I act from, and with each decision I’d seek to learn from my mistakes.

With this in mind, and with time so short, if I were Trump I’d feel rather stuck. So much damage done, too much that needs undoing, too many mistakes made in my name or by myself. A day isn’t enough to solve all the problems, but I’d need to start somewhere, mainly with myself.

Below is a deconstruction of Trump by Sam Harris who talks to writer Kurt Andersen about the role of Donald Trump in the American psyche:

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