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For A Day: If I Were Prince Harry

A perspective on the future.

7th Feb 2018

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In this new Keakie column, we explore what life would be like if we harnessed the power of our favourite celebrities for a day. This week, we turn attention to a man who is having another huge year in the media spotlight - Prince Harry. With his high profile marriage to actress Meghan Markle coming up in April, let's explore one half of the Hollywood's favourite couple.

As the youngest of the two sons of the late Princess Diana and Prince Charles, Prince Harry is one of the most influential men in the world. If I were Prince Harry for a day I’d take the time to deeply consider what I represent to the people and to the media, without losing myself. Notably, my relationship, my friends and family, and privacy would stand as important with my life although, without balance a man can be consumed by his responsibilities. My time in Afghanistan, would have taught me many tragic lessons; the lost friends, and the heavy memories which inspired the Invictus Games.

With this in mind, if I were Prince Harry, spend the day considering the future. I’d seek to be completely shed of my former reputation as the “wild child”, the “racist”, the “thug”. I’d seek to take the experience of my previous relationships and move forward with the times and with my fiancé, towards a future where I can stand proud and undoubted as a member of the royal family and make my late mother proud. 

Below is a mini-biography on the Prince:

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