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Joe Budden drops a fresh track, 'I Wanna Know'

The hip hop veteran gives a stark reminder of his talent with this latest release.

17th Nov 2016

After a year filled with Drake disses, 'I Wanna Know' provides a refreshing reminder of Joe Budden's talent. This track is easily the best one from his latest album, 'Rage Against the Machine'.

What's the song about?

The song itself is about Budden's struggle towards a part of the 'American Dream' - the family.

Verse 1:

"Striving for greatness, we would be each other's witnesses And during beef, we both would put aside our differences Where I ain't flinch a bit making you insignificant Maybe kids and shit, perfect arithmetic Meaning we could build our own world and co-exist in it She a synergy, sharing energy Let our souls mate in the air if you remember me"

This track surprised me as it showed a little of Budden's emotional side - usually the smooth rapper from Slaughterhouse, this is not often seen. Still, the clarity of the lyrics' meaning adds to the effectiveness of the song.

"My worthless self when Joe felt hurt I went out and targeted women who had no self worth I relate to praying nightly feeling no spell work"

Again, the introspective nature of the lyrics really underlines the tone of the song.


The hook from Stacy Barthe complements the verse well here; and while appearing simple, that's all it needs to be.

Verse 2:

"As I yearn for the greatest love I ever had Pardon me, kid, I'm still learning how to be a dad We be in spots you shouldn't be in 'till you grown I was absent so long I'm just not leaving you home"

The second verse reads like a letter from Budden to his son, Trey. Having not been around in his early years, Joe's promises are delivered with conviction and sincerity.


The production behind the song is fairly simple, and while only a pseudo-hip hop beat, fits in well with the song, fitting in an optimistic, yearning tone.

Overall, it's a very strong return from Joe Budden, who'll be looking to come back into mainstream relevance after years out of the spotlight. Budden has been referencing his son Trey in songs over the years, so it's great to see him dedicate a verse (and hopefully some time) to his son. The track, on the surface, appears remorseful, but looking deeper, is cathartic.

Check it out!

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