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FRESH REPORT: Freddie Gibbs, Curren$y and Alchemist Release An Album That You Will Regret Not Listening To

The rappers and producer have collaborated to create 'Fetti', possibly the sleeper hit of the year.

31st Oct 2018

Freddie Gibbs teamed up Madlib in 2015 to create the most unexpected, slept on album of the year candidate of all time - and at KEAKIE we’re confident his collaboration with fellow underground legend Curren$y and historic producing legend Alchemist is going to do the same for 2018. After only a few listens, its clear Fetti is 9 tracks of instrumental mastery paired with intricate lyrical thrills.

The album was announced in 2017, but seemed likely to have passed into the crowded hip hop graveyard of albums never-to-be, after little further announcements. However, we have been blessed today by its abrupt release. Gibbs reported recently that the whole project was recorded in two days. One thing's for sure, its sonic depth will take a lot longer to fully explore.



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