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FRESH REPORT: Tyler, the Creator steals Hip Hop's Christmas with Grinch Track

The artist who no one can predict has decided to soundtrack Whoville, complete with visuals.

25th Oct 2018

The Ladera Heights, California born rapper/producer/filmmaker/designer/extraordinaire released his own cover of the classic, aptly named ‘You’re a mean one, Mr Grinch!’ yesterday. Accompanying and suitably weird and whacky visuals have just been released.

Tyler has had a surprisingly active 2018 despite his ridiculous 17’ with the release of Flower Boy (or Scumfuck Flowerboy, the title before the label changed it a few days into their press run), releasing a series of versatile and exciting loose tracks, and instrumentals for his entire 4th album Cherry Bomb, originally released in 2015. This marks another exciting turn in a career that continues to astound and delight.

The full movie soundtrack will also feature an original track from Tyler, Run D.M.C and The Supremes. On top of this, Pharrell is narrating the whole film. KEAKIE looks forward keenly to providing more content on the once in a generation Creator as things get more and more festive.


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